Posted by: Fina | August 2, 2009

Migrating to a new site

Just as a title says, I am now migrating to kokidokom… Bye bye limited features. Time for me to enjoy the greatness of kokidokom. For those of you who actually read my post and added me into the blogroll, please change it to this:

The name is not Unmei is Destiny anymore, but I changed it to Hello World. So, enjoy!

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Anyway, the new ED is awesome.

Posted by: Fina | July 25, 2009

Lack of new material?

Booklet 01

Fortunately, I am not the only one lacking material to post… Or didn’t have any motivation to post and all. Right now, all I’m seeing are rages from the endless Endless Eight that seems to bore a lot of people now. Oh wait! Did Sankaku said that there will be no Disappearance? Sheesh. It might feel like everything I’m hearing now is full of the word “endless”.

Naruto: Endless cycle of hatred, endless gayness

Haruhi: Endless rage

School: Endless studies

Projects: Endless procrastination

Money: I wish mine was endless

Health: Endless H1N1. Yes… Still endless here.

Is it just me or am I incorporating ‘endless’ too much?

Fortunately, Hayate 17 is awesome beyond awesome.

Posted by: Fina | July 25, 2009

A short Hayate no Gotoku Post

Cover for 20th volume is delicious. DO WANT!

Cover for 20th volume is delicious. DO WANT!

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Posted by: Fina | July 21, 2009

Simpsons the movie vs. NEEDLESS

No argument. Simpsons the movie wins.

Posted by: Fina | July 21, 2009

GA stands for Great Anime

Surprisingly good?

Yes, I never expected such a show to make me laugh so hard. I daresay that I might love this more than Hidamari Sketch and Lucky Star combined.


Yes. Much more educational than Element Hunters. Not only that, it is a lot more interesting in terms of presentation. Element Hunter is bad. All members of their production team is ought to be shot.

Good characters?

Yes. Mega-mega-meganekko and many other casts.


This show in one word: Energetic

Posted by: Fina | July 19, 2009

Haruhi Endless 8 (Still endless)



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Remembering old times (not really): Happy Lesson



Well, it was somewhere 2007 when I started to watch this show. To me, this was one of the very first harem show that I loved. Well, this was the very first show that pushed me into liking harem though I grew tired of it after a few months and many harem animes with no greatness. If I were to rank this show between: Cancer ,Shit, Bad, Average, Good, Great, and Godly, this would be in the level of Great. Unfortunately, there are only 3-5 animes that I really think as Godly. However, one of the characters/mama/teacher/whatever-you-call-it here named Kisaragi Ninomai belongs in my top 10 list of favorite characters… And list of top 10 waifu.

If you have not watched this show yet, go ahead and watch it. Oh yea, the main lead looks like Makoto.

Excusing myself for such a poorly constructed post. I don’t have much time and my brain is not functioning the way I wanted to.

Posted by: Fina | July 14, 2009

Spring 2009 = Shizu-sama hype

No need to explain. I’ll just enumerate the shows in which there has been a lot of Shizu-sama-ness
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Best Anime Songs I’ve ever heard (Part 9)



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