Posted by: Fina | May 5, 2009

And after watching the preview of Hayate no Gotoku S2 ep. 6 in its website…

And since I think the previews of Hayate no Gotoku that you can get from the website of Hayate is much more better than the ones that you get at the end of each episodes, I decided to watch it in their website. It turns out that the next episode may consume 4 chapters (it may even stretch to 5 chapters). This episode may contain:

chapter 75: Good, or don’t be.

chapter 76: Your house.

chapter 77:  Nagi’s Angel: Full Throttle

chapter 78: Elevation action won’t ever be featured in Newtype

One thing that I worry is the possible decrease of humor and skip in some good parts. Episode 5 only consisted of 3 chapters and some gags were skipped and that made the episode less desirable than it should be. However, I should perhaps keep my hopes up in J.C. Staff.

Anyway, if you guys want to watch previews, I suggest going in this site and load the video.



  1. I see no references or censors as of season 2 yet.. -sob-

    • There was a reference in episode 3. I think it is when the narrator said “ZA WARUDO” which is from Touhou

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