Posted by: Fina | May 9, 2009

Preview of HnG season 2 episode 7

I watched the better preview of Hayate no Gotoku for the sake of my curiosity. Katsura-sensei is the one who talked in the preview while she is in her drunk state. It was shocking since I have my volume at full power.

Here is what will happen in the 7th according only to the preview. I won’t spoil anyone that much. Sorry if I don’t have any images since it is a problem.

Nagi makes tea.

Hinagiku and Hayate accidentally hold hands then looked at each other.

Ayumu’s appearance.

Elevator action won’t ever be featured in Newtype

Crying Hayate.

Hinagiku and Ayumu meets again.

Hayate’s perversive thoughts in Maria, Ayumu, and Hinagiku.

Nishizawa’s tears.

Hinagiku’s bath scene.

Anyway, I watched it here:

Since I have no image on the preview, this will compensate, I think.

Sleeping Hina

Sleeping Hina



  1. i’ve heard more about this anime but don’t get their manga..
    Maybe I’ll get more info about Hayate next

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