Posted by: Fina | May 18, 2009

Hayate the Combat Butler chapter 132

The title for the chapter is “Better Luck ☆ Aspiration Shrine. The Katsura sisters will not appear.”

We have:

  1. A chapter title that says that the Katsura sisters will not appear.
  2. A humorous forgetful grandfather of Risa.
  3. Asakaze Risa and her idiocy.
  4. A giant dungeon with a giant crocodile inside.
  5. A funny display of Hayate’s misfortune. Touma can’t beat Hayate’s misfortune, I assure you.
  6. Asakaze Risa with her shrine maider outfit.
  7. Cha-bou.
  8. Asakaze Risa and her question to Hayate.
  9. Asakaze Risa with a gun.
  10. Grandpa in a samurai mode until he got nearly eaten.
  11. Nagi’s awesome clothe with stockings.

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