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Have you watched any anime wherein the main character acted as the starting device of the whole story but gets overshadowed by other characters in terms of popularity and exposure in the story as time goes by? It is where a character who is supposed to be the main character looks more like a supporting character and some other characters just overwhelm that character. There has been some cases of such feat in some anime. Right now, these two personalities are the most noticable.

Index – To aru Majutsu no Index



She is the main character of the story other than Touma (as the title suggests). Index started out pretty well as a main character in the early parts of the series but gets overshadowed later as the arc changes. Himegami became more of a focus in the second arc. Mikoto became more of a focus in the third. In anyway you look at it, it feels like she is just appearing in the show not as an important element, but as an obligation. The title should have been To aru Majutsu no “Touma” or “Mikoto”.

On another note, Mikoto will be getting her own series.

Sanzenin Nagi – Hayate no Gotoku

Sanzenin Nagi

Sanzenin Nagi

Admit it. This loli-character is just overshadowed by Katsura Hinagiku or Maria by a big margin. In terms of popularity, she ranked 3rd in the latest popularity contest with Maria and Hinagiku taking over the 2nd and the 1st. Nagi is much more of a comic relief character. However, she is not totally ignored, just overshadowed.

This is the popularity contest result in the 110th chapter:


The latest popularity contest result:



Can anyone else add some more characters which got “Index’d”?



  1. Would K-on count? Yui did seem like the main character at first but most of the focus is on Mio lately. Maybe it’s a new tactic? I know I get tired of the main female protagonist after a while like in Negima. Change of pace as how I see it.

    • In the show, the four girls are the main character but it looks like there is problem in it since Mio looks like the main focus because of her role as a vocalist. (and she is most likely the character who can attract most fans)

  2. With regards to K-ON!, I agree with you that it’s due to Mio’s role as the vocalist of the band. Looking at it at another angle, I suppose the overshadowing is due to the characters’ popularity with fans rather than their actual role in the plot of the series? Yui does get quite an equal amount of screentime as the other 3 girls. 🙂

    You’re definitely right about HnG!’s Nagi. She started out as the main heroine but it seems she hasn’t received as much character development as say, Hinagiku lately.

    As for Index, Index may be the titular character but in her case, titular character does not equal main character ;). Based on the light novels, Index wasn’t meant to be the main character. Touma is the main character of the series. Index’s name in the title suggests most of the events later will be mostly centered around her, but she doesn’t have to play an active and direct role in the events. Then again, all that is going to change once season 2 comes around (if it does eventually). Index will play a more important role. 🙂

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