Posted by: Fina | May 25, 2009

Bored talk

Because I am too lazy to give my opinion on the 8th episode of Hayate, I start reminiscing about how I discovered Hayate and how I came to love it.



Hayate no Gotoku was the very first anime that made me laugh so hard. It was the very first anime that I became a so-called fanboy and I got addicted to this series after watching the first episode of it.

The events came in the 3rd or 4th week of March 2007. At that time, I feel so bored because I don’t have anything good to watch – Naruto is so boring that it is painful. I remember at that time when I still stream thru youtube because of my internet connection and online hours. At that time, I just finished watching two of the Rie Kugimiya shows – Shakugan no Shana and Zero no Tsukaima. And so… To kill boredom, I searched for anime with comedy genre in The anime that caught my attention were Seto no Hanayome, Nagasarete Airantou, and Hayate no Gotoku. Coincidentally, they were the very first three anime that took my attention. And so, I waited until April. During those time, I discovered crunchyroll and crunchyroll was too convenient for a streamer at that time (But I think it is shit now). I searched wikipedia and research for some information. As I search, the very first character in Hayate that attracted my attention was Saginomiya Isumi. Well, that was because I learned her characteristic and took a liking on it. Anyway, Isumi was the very first character that turned me into a fanboy. I only switched into Hinagiku’s boat when I read the Hinagiku birthday arc. I still remember the very first Isumi image that I saw.

The very first Isumi and Hayate no Gotoku image that I saw

The very first Isumi and Hayate no Gotoku image that I saw

In terms of cuteness or moe-ness, Isumi beats Hinagiku. No doubt about that. In fact, my very first use of the term “moe” was from Isumi.

Why is Isumi awesome:

  • She wears kimono.
  • She always gets lost.
  • She’s an airhead.
  • MAGIC. Not necessarily magic but I think it’s awesome.
  • Her hair.

There are more reasons on why Isumi is awesome.

Anime version:


This is an image from season 1 so it might be different from the second season.

Despite her cute looks in the anime version, I do believe the manga version is still superior.

In all honesty, I want to give a much more detailed explanation on why Isumi is awesome but doing so will make me look crazy (Look at her eye color, Look at her …) so I will refrain from that. Anyway, she’s 13.

The time April comes by and watched Hayate no Gotoku, I was very attracted by the humor that it gave to me. The first episode was very hilarious. And as time passes, I discovered reading manga online. That was the time when I read Hayate the Combat Butler. But at that time, I get very impatient in Musashi’s 1 chapter per month release. It kills me. Good thing that the foolrulez took the project and release the chapters in speed light (though there are times when they are slow, I can’t complain since it is a lot better than none).

Okay… If there are people waiting in the 8th episode of Hayate, please be patient. I got too lazy because it is freaking HOT! The temperature is inconvenient.



  1. Oh dear, we’ll show you what’s speed light. We’re being faster and faster now, again 😛

  2. Who’s the girl in gym clothes?

  3. @Woxxy.

    I noticed that and I’m loving it.


    Of course it’s Isumi.

  4. Jesus Christ. By the time I discovered Hayate, the first season was over (I actually think I finished watching it in December or this January….yea, that close) Needless to say, I knew a second season was on it’s way when I started.

    I immediately loved it. Was this because I happen to have some sort of obsession with all characters and shows involving known seiyu Kugimiya Rie? Nope. It was because this show is my type of humor (especially breaking the 4th wall).

    Man, I had actually forgotten this site. If I don’t add something to a feed I totally forget it. Blogrolls just don’t cut it.

  5. Ah and that’s two posts in a row where you’ve been lazy. Lucky for you I endorse laziness. (I really don’t see how that’s lucky for you, as if I didn’t endorse lazyness, nothing would change).

    I’m overtired.

  6. @glo. If you love this type of humor. I recommend you Zettai Karen Children.

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