Posted by: Fina | May 29, 2009

Best Anime Songs I’ve ever heard (Part 2)

Continuation of boredom


Song number 12:

Stairway Generation – Base Ball Bear – Gintama

Song number 13:

Yakusoku wa Iranai – Maaya Sakamoto – Vision of Escaflowne

Song number 14:

Kiseki no Umi – Maaya Sakamoto – Record of Lodoss Wars TV

Song number 15:

Ko no me Kaze – IKU – Hayate no Gotoku

Song number 16:

Lilium – Kumiko Noma – Elfen Lied

Song number 17:

Blue – Mai Yamane – Cowboy Bebop

Song number 18:

Daia no Hana – Yoriko – Black Cat



  1. I thought you hated 95% of the music because you are difficult

    • May, there are tens of thousands of anime songs and the whole list is not yet in the 95%, I believe. The ones I hate are the songs for Akane Iro, Tayutama, Kurokami, and many more. I hate those types.

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