Posted by: Fina | June 1, 2009

An exorcist and a dark horse.

This is going to be short.

Anyway, this is the continuation of the 8th episode of Hayate 2 and this will be a very short one.

Here goes:

I will never show you any screencaps of this episode because I feel that there is nothing really special except Isumi wearing a casual dress.

In this second half, we had Sakuya and her hilarious jokes fooling the ever-sweet Isumi again. The relationship of Isumi and Sakuya seems very close even at the time of the first season. Remember that Nabeshin episode? — “This cellphone is broken”. So this post will be all for the two of them.

Sakuya is the dark horse of this series. For those who do not know what a dark horse is, check google or even wikipedia. But in layman terms, a dark horse can be someone potentially underrated. I stress the ‘potentially’ word in order to remove confusion.


In this episode, we get to see her making a fool out of Izumi… Again. When I said ‘again’, does anyone remember the Brazil and trains? Ah… That part was nostalgic though parts of it were anime original. It was still lovely. This one is no different. Although I admit that Sakuya really did a great job in making Isumi wear those casual dress. That reminds me, the latest translated chapter of the manga (foolrulez) had Isumi wearing maid outfit and Sakuya helped her obtain the maid spirit with the help of Chiharu. And we also get to discover Wataru’s fetish for maid.



  1. Can’t think of anyone else than Kana Ueda playing her ;O

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