Posted by: Fina | June 5, 2009

An honest talk about anything random

I’m bored so I just want to blurt out my thoughts (in anime). I don’t want Twitter so I’ll just post everthing in this simple post.



So… here goes:

1. The Girl who leapt through space is the most awesome Winter 2009 anime release and probably the most awesome anime this year. We have granny lolis, genius lolis, “I have control”, colonies with brain, Jun Fukuyama, heavenly boxes, colonies that can cover the moon with ice, mahou shoujo that can breathe even in space, and many more awesomeness.

2. I’m not yet GAR enough to watch Hatsukoi Limited and continue Saki and Tayutama.

3. Naruto manga fails more miserably than it has been. First, a deus ex machina that revives everyone. Then, a crappy development by making Danzou the 6th Hokage.

4. Bleach manga looks cooler than their past chapters… Though it stills remain predictable.

5. One Piece is still consistent. How can that “okama” lose to Magellan? Mr. Candle looks awesome though.

6. Zettai Karen Children is great! After the 10 year old story, they moved into the 13 year old story… Though they looked a lot older if we compared this into another manga. Still, they really are “zettai karen”.

7. Hayate S2 episode 10 came out… Though I have not watched it yet.

8. A Girl Saurus DX release after ages. Seriously, this one got the most beautiful characters.

9. Gintama episode 160 is awesome… So is the manga counterpart. I think the next episode is about Laputa (those who read the manga will understand).

10. Eden no Ori looks superb. I love how the turtle got crunched.

11. The World Only God Knows’ latest chapter is awesome.

12. Nahuriyon no Mago is one of the best Shonen Jump manga today… Much more interesting than Naruto and Bleach.

13. I was spoiled in the ending of Onani Master Kurosawa. It now pains me to read the latest chapter. I don’t know what to do about Love Junkies too after being spoiled in the ending.

14. Denpateki na Kanojo is awesone.

15. Prunus Girl is tasty. Trap wins.



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