Posted by: Fina | June 6, 2009

Foursome; Krauser Tama; Athena (A-tan)

This episode is made of win! After two episodes of normal Hayate no Gotoku humor. I am pleased to announce that my long wait for Athena is finally over. When her child form was revealed (I think Hayate was 6 at that time), I felt her awesomeness already. She was voiced by the awesome Ayako Kawasumi. Yup. That’s right, she was voiced by Ayako Kawasumi and it is made of win!



Oh well. Despite the crappy quality (since I didn’t watch this in HD format), she is still awesome. The only reason why I didn’t wait for the HD quality nor download the raw HD version is that my excitement made me impatient.

Continuing, this episode is building up Hayate’s harem. The first part is about Hinagiku’s birthday present and Nishizawa’s appearance. While the second part is about Maria and her birthday.

For those who do not know, Maria’s name came from the statue of St. Maria when she was abandoned by her parents when she was still a child below the statue. Hence, she was named Maria. The day when Maria was found by the Sanzenin family was coincidentally at the time of Christmas eve which is why her birthday is on the 24th of December. That means, her birthday started long ago… From the very start of volume 1 since the story starts on December 24.

Oh well, the gift that Hayate gave Maria was Muffy, an assassin from hell. I can’t blame Hayate. Muffy looks adorable and he is ignorant of what type of character is he.


I am now abusing my photoshop now that I have it in my hands.

Also, we have Tama trying to be a rock star. Awesome.

It is still amusing to see how is Hinagiku’s masculine attitude is being used as a tool of humor. From episode 6’s hamburget to this episode’s “soccer ball etc”. I can’t help but wonder how much is she really a boy in their eyes.

We have Ayumu’s Nice Bike face-planting Hayate’s face.


The next episode looks like the Hinamatsuri arc… Aww… That means that my long-awaited Hinagiku birthday arc is starting next week and possibly ending in either episode 12 or 13. We will get to see Segawa Izumi’s homo brother and combat butler Segawa Kotetsu. I hope next episode will be the birth of the name Hermoine Ayasaki. And that leaves me thinking… Will Hinagiku (or Shizuka Itou) sing “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” in this arc? I think that they are already allowed to sing the song since it has already been sung in one of their CD release.

Oh, I still have this in my PC and I’m waiting for an opportunity to buy the CD.

Speaking of songs, the change in presentation of “Wonder Wind” (since I watched it in the RMVB format with some changes) made me like it a little. I think presentation really has its importance. I’m now waiting for the subbed version of the 10th episode (either in MKV or AVI).

Speaking of the manga, I felt like the art of the volume one is different from the mid-volumes (volume 9 etcetara) while the mid-volumes are different from the latest (volume 16, 17 etc) volumes.


Disregard the quality, the faces doesn’t really look the same and I can be sure that they may be different characters. But they are all Maria.

Anyway, the birthday of the Segawa twins will be on 21th of June.



  1. Tama rock star was actually a Detroit Metal City parody…

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