Posted by: Fina | June 9, 2009

Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi-iro

I admit. This song is awesome… When I’m listening while being ignorant on what the translated lyrics is… But I guess, the only good thing to do in this song is to listen. Singing this song if you are a male does sound gay. Well, the lyrics prove it.

taken from gendou:

h i n a hinagiku

what color are you today? I flash a smile at you.
It makes me nervous whenever I do.
There was never a promise, I like to keep everything straight.
chances to get close to you mesmerize me. cheap knock knock


Where is my answer? (right here)
I’m at a loss and my colorful pure heart goes wild.

everybody sprouting sprouting *1*
Thank you for saying you love me. (thank you)
I’ve also liked you too.
more today (more) more tomorrow (that’s right)
I want to arrange things with colors of my choice.

Thank you to even the tears I shed. (You lost to him)
The wind blows to call me to go into full bloom (fu *blowing noise*)
I’ll say yes.

So I’m in full bloom today! Watch my maximum feminity.

Deflowering full bloom flowers must be great! LOL.

Anyway, I just downloaded the ED single… I have no intent on doing the same in the OP single since I don’t think it is that EPIC to download.

Plan on buying? I have no plans. The only Hayate no Gotoku CD that I want to have is the Hayate no Gotoku Character COVER CD with songs handpicked by Kenjiro Hata. The reason is because the CD itself is great. Hinagiku singing Cruel Angel’s Thesis, Marina Inoue and Saki Nakajima singing STEP, and many more. That’s the only CD that I think is worth buying… Well, maybe I can consider buying HiNA CD…

Character COVER CD

Character COVER CD



  1. you can’t seem to like ELISA songs as I can see…

    • I don’t like her voice.

      • I agree, her voice is kind of annoying during the chorus parts.

  2. Tried the ef serie? She’s singing the opening of both seasons

    • Oh well, that’s the song that made her popular. It was good… But I didn’t like her voice. Anyway, I prefer her Ebullient Future when she sang solo than the first with Tenmon involved.

  3. Finally, I figured out how to upload all 3 tracks without overthrowing with size limit of 5mb

    • Teach me. Teach me.

      • I’m using 000webhost for the hosting. make an account, make your domain/subdomain. Get firezilla.exe through google. More coming up

  4. I meant filezilla* .exe, log on your 000webhost account, go to your Cpanel of your domain, on the side, you will see account info, copy and paste the domain(paste in the host for filezilla), copy the username and password and paste in filezilla. Then, connect yourself in filezilla, double-click on the public_html folder, upload all you want. To copy the link of the songs, just go to your domain URL, and copy the link of the songs as you can actually listen to it directly from internet if you got Quicktime plug-in

  5. Lastly, in the post editing, just write [audio *URL*] so it would be like [audio

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