Posted by: Fina | June 14, 2009

Hayate the Combat Butler Scanlation release problem?

I’m the type of person who gets troubled with this one so let me ponder a bit… Or have someone clarify me on what’s going on.



As of now, there has been a lot of groups who translated the manga. However, just now I discovered something that confused me.

Here is how the manga of Hayate the Combat Butler was released

Info from mangafox:

Volumes 1 – volume 4 – AT-Translation

Chapter 42 – 63, 69 – 84 – Musashi Quality

Chapter 81 – Bakayarou

Chapter 64-68 – Id Scans

chapter 85 – 139 – Foolrulez

chapter 178 – 196, 218 – 219 – McDonald with some help from either Enigma or Foolrulez

Anyway, let’s cut it to this one first.

My very problem came when I discovered Bod Rangzen and izumiisthebest have also translated some chapters. While some of the chapters that the latter are not yet available in mangafox nor in any manga-reading places, I think it’s better to sort this out.

Bod Rangzen is a speed-scanlating group. Their release seems to be of high quality despite the text being not much of a hassle… Except that there is no translations in SFX. Izumiisthebest is an independent one man project. It has however released a lot since May (though I only discovered it just now). The work seems to be at a lower quality but that is not an issue as long as we can read it. There are some untranslated parts, however.

Anyway, what the problem lies on the uniformity of the release. It has somehow made me confuse.

Here is the release info of the 2 new group:

chapter 145-146, 225-227 – Bod Rangzen

chapter 214-217, 141, volume 15 chapter 1 volume 16 chapters 1, 2, 7-11   izumiisthebest

Most of the chapters released my izumiisthebest is not yet seen in mangafox, but you’ll see them in the website itself.

Anyway, it seems that Bod Rangzen and foolrulez came into a negotiation on what chapters to translate already. Now, the issue is izumiisthebest. I wish the groups translating (and still translating) Hayate will be able to come into terms on what chapters to translate. Otherwise, there will be chaos.

But anyway, I think Izumi is the best after reading the some chapters released by Izumiisthebest. If foolrulez wants to release the ‘Izumi arc’ too, then please do them in batch or else you’ll leave people wanting more.

I’ve downloaded everything in every groups except for volume 15 chapter 1 by izumiisthebest. Please fix the download because I can’t download it for some reason.

Just trying to remove confusion and trying to help!

And Hayate no Gotoku 11 is awesome!



  1. I don’t see the issue, we said we will release all the chapters from 85 till we catch up, so there will be no patchwork problem, as we’ll translate also the already translated stuff.

    • Well, I’m the kind of person that still thinks this is a problem. Oh well, it may be due to surprise that the manga has at least 4 active translators with a big gap.

  2. i don’t think its much of a problem either O.o

    • Still a bit confusing though…

  3. And I thought that Musashi quality released chapters 42-87 including chapters 64-68.

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