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Hayate no Gotoku S2 11-12: Hinamatsuri and a cruel angel’s thesis make this life so great

And so I decided to post the two latest episodes of HnG s2 into a single post. Not that I’m lazy or anything but… It just feels that this is the greatest time in my life. These two episodes pumped me up full power. And believe me, this is the most awesome show that I have ever seen.

While indulging myself in Zyl‘s epic threesome-bonanza post about the eleventh episode Hayate, it came to mind that I have not posted anything about that episode yet. Though I have been downloading the RAW of the 12th episode already since I have no problem with dialogues since I already have the gist of it through my knowledge in the manga and some knowledge in Japanese. And so… I sat down and watched the 12th episode of Hayate. Hinagiku singing Cruel Angel’s Thesis was phenomenal. I admit. The episode twelve of this awesome half-sequel/half-remake Hayate no Gotoku made me realize two things. One, this show is the best this season. Two, this episode is better than the manga. But continuing to the topic, I should express my opinions about these two episodes of Hayate no Gotoku S2.

Episode 11:

This episode was set to be the first part of the three part Hinamatsuri arc (known for Hinagiku’s birthday) and it is set to be a classic set-up episode where everything is prepared just like how a man should buy condom before having sex if he wishes to have a protected sex. But anyway, this is an episode that sets up the mood before climax.

And continuing, I am delighted with this episodes with many reason. One reason would be the amazing pun of koi (carp) and koi (love).

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000183641

Oooh, chibi-version of Hina makes me giggle. And as an observation, the faithfullness of the second season looks to be a better thing than it would be because chibi versions are also not excluded whereas you can only see a few chibi in the first seaon.

Another news, Hayate’s ability to make bokke and tsukkomi is still far from amazing. But let’s not forget, Kotomi Ichinose is like that too. And so if people can’t remember where did he try learning stupid gags, try to rewatch the 5th (?) episode of Hayate wherein Sakuya first made her appearance. Her influence of Hayate made it a whole ride of gags.

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000439814

Oh well, Hayate tried… and failed. Dolphins and whales, in biology, do not only differ in their size but also in many other aspects. Since I am not good in Science and my last Biology class was 4 years ago, then I can’t enlighten anyone of you. Just try to wiki. But then again, it seems that one reason why Hayate is failing his first year is because he is just innately stupid. Oh it’s no wonder, Hayate has always been absent in his class for some time in his old school because of work and Hakuou actually has a different standard in exams than usual schools (Math is in German).

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000299632
[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000304304
[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000439814
[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000316524
This ba-couple (though they are not really couple) always make some very good jokes like the one above. I enjoy this. And I am not the only one enjoying this. It has been once noted by Maria that these two are airhead and spontaneous (Volume 1 or episode 2) and it is always proven to be true.

This episode (11) shine more when those two friends shows up. They are called Sakuya and Isumi. Just to make things clearer. Izumi and Isumi are two different individuals. Izumi is a member of the baka-trio with Miki and Riza while Isumi with the goddess of luck (contrast to Hayate with a shinigami). And so, the whole thing about this set-up episode begins. But firstly, what should you people expect in this show? This show ignores all reality. Hayate is immortal like Onizuka. And of course, curses and ghost are never rare. Ah, there’s always the priest. But looking at the positive side, the curse actually opened another side of Hayate: Ayasaki Hermione. Hermione is a blatant parody of a character from Harry Potter. It was noted to be true.

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000483817
[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000499666
[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000504295
[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000499666
Hayate no Gotoku! - 19 - Large 36

And Sakuya and Isumi’s turn to shine. Just like any other events on the series. This manga likes coincidence and a big number of them are due to carelessness. And of course, everything like that must have a follow-up. This time, the follow-up was a crazy stupid curse.



I fell in love with Isumi’s MOU!!! That was a priceless reaction.

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000571613[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000573990

If you ask me on why I love this show, I would answer that it is because of the fact that they break the fourth wall. It happened a lot in the series (S1 or S2) and even in the manga. Of course, it is always a [+].

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000581998

MOE? Not. I have other definition of moe and I know that Hayate is not moe. But she is sure a lot more beautiful than an Akiyama Mio (I loathe her). Hayate is the best trap for me… I think that she he is a lot better than Maria of Maria†Holic or Mako of Minami-ke.

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000584292

Ah yes, all they can do is that. In other news, I think the eyes look familiar. It might be Spongebob’s influence. I hope not.

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000704204

And after Maria listened to Hayate Confucius’ thoughts on “which one came first? egg or chicken.”, she finally pointed out Hayate’s maid clothes. And of course, panic occurs that his ratinality is affected. It resulted into Hayate blaming Maria and Nagi for what happened in his clothes.

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000712545

Of course, Isumi’s and Sakuya’s first idea on who is the unluckiest person in the neighborhood is none other than Hayate. Even Newton’s Law of Physics can’t compare to this fact.

Hundreds of Johnnies

Hundreds of Johnnies

Sakuya voiced by Kana Ueda is a bigger win than Tohsaka Rin.

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_000990323

A quote from wikipedia:

Denial is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.

After some explanations by Isumi and Sakuya, Hayate learned the only way to beat the curse. Of course, that is the whole purpose of this set-up episode. But it looks like there is a service scene of Maria being in denial. Hello Sigmund Freud.

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_001062645

Another person in denial. Oh well, if Hina was not in denial at this time, there would be no humor and no humor is not Hayate no Gotoku. And so, set-up is near completion… Now for the letter.

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_001100850

This is why we must practice our four basic communication skills especially speaking. And now, preparation is complete.

And so, Hinamatsuri begins… not episode 12 yet.

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_001153445

Isumi without getting lost is not Isumi.

[SS-Eclipse] Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (XviD) [A9A38BC9].avi_001212045

Izumi is the best baka-trio member there is. And so, I read the translated Izumi arc in the manga long time ago despite being low on quality. I must say that she is the 2nd or 3rd best character. But of course, I totally agree with RP‘s view that all characters here are actually likable and while Hina is the real top waifu, all other characters are close second. What’s more likable about Izumi is that she is much more energetic than most of the cast just like Sakuya. And that is always a plus. And her voice is really cute. I think that she has the cutest voice in the series, while the second is Isumi.

Kotetsu Segawa

Kotetsu Segawa

A pointer about Kotetsu. Actually, Kotetsu is like those every other people (real or not) who never have any romantic partner even once that is actually attracted to a beautiful looking person only to find out that the person is a male. Petrified. His inner thoughts go into boom and he goes into rampage. Of course, that is why people have sex before marriage. To find out whether your partner is a male or not (if you are a male; otherwise, vice versa).

And the encounter eventually leads to the birth of Ayasaki Hermione. Ah, I remember than Klaus episode in the first season wherein Hayate wore a goddess suit that looks like the one Belldandy is wearing.

WARNING: Further text will lead to the next episode of Hayate.

And with a low quality RAW episode 12, I hereby continue. This will be a shorter one. Admittedly, it is not because this is boring. This episode is actually phenomenal and the best episode of the season yet. However, it would be much nicer to lessen the talk and just go straight since I don’t have much understanding in Japanese since this is in a RAW version. The only knowledge that I have is that I have is the manga version.

[zefringo-RAWs]Hayate no Gotoku~2nd Season~RAW-Ep 12[MQ][704x396][x264.AAC].mp4_000156367

Izumi is cute and getting cuter by the minute. Please don’t tempt me to be a Izumiist from a Hinagikuist. Your cuteness is stunning. But anyway, being discovered wearing a girl’s clothes must be harsh for a male.

[zefringo-RAWs]Hayate no Gotoku~2nd Season~RAW-Ep 12[MQ][704x396][x264.AAC].mp4_000179342

And so upon learning that Hayate is a male, Kotetsu then goes rampage and proceeds to kidnap Nagi. I’m telling you. Kidnapping Nagi is the worst choice a kidnapping could make.

[zefringo-RAWs]Hayate no Gotoku~2nd Season~RAW-Ep 12[MQ][704x396][x264.AAC].mp4_000391134

And so, the only people who were able to keep their cool in this incident is nonetheless Nagi and Maria. Admittedly, it was quite humorous for Maria to call Nagi and asking where are they. While Nagi is listening to Kotetsu’s motive, she concludes that Kotetsu is a dangerous person. Yes, he is actually dangerous but in a different way.

[zefringo-RAWs]Hayate no Gotoku~2nd Season~RAW-Ep 12[MQ][704x396][x264.AAC].mp4_000583553

Hayate’s still better as a girl than a boy.

But anyway, here is where everything matters the most. After the scene, I hereby stop continuing this post. So what is this scene, it is none other than the epic singing scene. Eclipse‘s moon passport can’t surpass the greatness of this legendary OP that has been known for more than 10 years already. But well, this is the best insert song this season. For those of you who wants the whole song, you can just get it through download or buying the CD. Ah, I first learned it in kurogane.

Moving on, the video is nonetheless the most epic one that I’ve ever seen. It totally fits. The lyrics totally fits the movement of Hayate. Hinagiku wore a Meer Campbell cosplay and it is such an amazing delight. Hinagiku’s actions are top-notch and it reminded me of some movements in the original OP. Wataru’s and Sakuya’s reaction is superb and over 9000. Hayate is GAR-KAWAII. What’s more amazing is that Hinagiku kept n blushing. THIS IS THE TRUE J.C. STAFF WORK!!! It was actually well done. It reminded me of the Sabrac vs Flame Hazes with an insert song. All of their inserts perfectly fits the events taking place. From start to finish. It is phenomenal.


I hereby announce the Megurine Hina is the best vocaloid ever…


No… Hina Miku is the best ever.


But hey, anything Hinagiku related is awesome.


That ends everything… for now. I’ll rewatch this for as many times as I want.



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  2. you’ll be out of Hina pictures at this rate

    • My ammunition is infinite.

      • Stupid Hina has so many more fans and fanpics than Mikoto.

        This is outrageous.

        • That’s because the anime has less Mikoto. Blame the anime!

          • SO TRUE!!!! I like them both but i have to say hina!! GO HINAGIKU!!!

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