Posted by: Fina | July 3, 2009

Dear Anime/Manga related-kun (1)

To start off, I feel bored and I want to stay awake so I decided to post something. And so, I will tell all of my thoughts about some things that are anime/manga related. All of this will try to avoid spoilers so it is safe to read without getting spoiled. Of course, some might increase your expectations, some might not. But it is nice to have some metathoughts about things once in a while.


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Dear Umineko (manga),

Thank you very much for giving me something that is not my cup of tea (gore) yet gives me a strange feeling of attraction. As much as I like Higurashi, I believe that I will love you more (speaking of the anime). After I read the 1st twilight, I was strucked by creepiness due to your awesomeness. The effect that it gave me was superb and exhilarating that it makes me feel that Higurashi is just an ant in your way. Umineko, I salute your awesomeness and I wish you the best l(uu~)ck.

Dear Hayate no Gotoku season 2,

Thank you for being an awesome show that tries to make me laugh out loud each week. I wish to have more Hina but it seems that the arc for Hinagiku is already over. However, I am expecting a lot of things in the start of the short Isumi story. And I am anticipating the new set of OP and ED that this show will show at the start of the 14th episode. Sir, I salute you and continue the good work!

Dear Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya,

Please don’t troll us anymore. 8 is not endless and endless 8 is nothing but a contradiction. As such, it is a contradiction to your past greatness. Please! This is not the Haruhi that I know! This is not the Haruhi that I fell in love! PLEASE!

Dear Great Teacher Onizuka: 14 Shonan Days,

Thank you for the greatness that you gave to me even if I’ve only read the first 3 chapters of this awesome manga. I hope that you will continue polishing your greatness. I hope that all of the things that made Great Teacher Onizuka likeable will never perish.

Dear Naruto,

Please freaking die. I don’t want anymore of your bullshit. Make love not war? Don’t joke with me. You are just a stupid guy who things that Gandhi’s satyagraha is universal truth. You are just a homosexual who is madly in love with Sasuke. So please… Silence will do me just fine.

Dear Bleach,

I don’t want any detailed action anymore please. 18-20 pages are being wasted a week because of it. I want a faster paced. You bore me.

Dear Buggy the Clown,

No matter how much you want to be a yonkou, the world is unfair. Face it. No matter how much you want to get the value of 3 in 1 + 1, you won’t get it…

Dear K-ON,

Tons of hate? Spongebob the movie is better than you.

Dear Fairy Tail,

No more Gerard. PLEASE!

Dear Sora Kake Girl,

I have not watched your final episode yet. However, I must say that I thank you very much for your awesomeness. You are the gem of Winter 2008-2009 anime release. You fill me up with your greatness. You made me laugh with your gem called Leopard. Leopard is indeed a gem in the gem.

Dear To-Love-ru,

Thank you for the release of the 155th chapter. That made me laugh so hard.

Dear Zettai Karen Children,

I want a second season soon. Moreover, I am in love with you right now. Your greatness factor is high that I commend you one of my favorite manga of all time. I wish you good luck.



  1. Dear Simplybill,

    I too, am waiting for the final episode of Sora Kake Girl, as it is certainly brilliance in animation form.

    Umineko is bloody awesome. (get it? pun)

    The end.

  2. your layout gotten better

    • Well.. I’m still in the middle of experiment layouts.

      @glo. I am getting impatient!

  3. I wish there was more themes dammit… also flexible width too -_- So pissed with the limited themes

  4. Unfortunately the 14th episode of Hayate doesn’t have the new OP/ED =(

    • Yeah, that’s the shame. ANN already have the info for the new OP/ED but it looks like J.C. Staff is pulling another Toradora or Shakugan no Shana.

  5. Dear Naruto: Please give me back my wasted time with you first season (about 50+ hours back) and also the 10 hours I wasted with your second part, which was filled with BS

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