Posted by: Fina | July 10, 2009

Needless/Needed things in Needless

Just like the title says… Just watched Needless episode one yesterday. I think that it had potential but it feels like they are trying too hard. As much as it wants to leave impact on me, it just misses to shot from the desired bullseye to 100 km away from the target range. I feel like I’ll forget this show… Much more, I should forget this show. This reminds me of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann plus the fancy fonts. And so, I’ll list the needless parts in needless.

1. Needless green-haired main character

simoun version of needless


Aniki! This character is the trying too hard failed version of Simoun. He shouldn’t have existed.

2. Needless text


Trying to cover budget deficiency while making it look like Gurenn Lagann is fail.

3. Needless nickname: Yamada


That’s just 3 of the possibly more needless things. So I’ll go with the needed things now in this show.

1. This girl.



I just knew that a girl with blue hair + with breast + awesome clothes + doppleganger abilities is always equal to GREATNESS. Of course, asking me of any other character that fits the criterion is impossible for me. I just wish that she does not turn into show stupid characters. You know, awesome looking characters that turns into stupid characters like Sawako from K-On.

2. This man.



Don’t believe in me, you believes in you. Don’t believe in yourself who believes in me. Believe in yourself, who believes in you. And I died without even reaching the 10th episode. Though this time, I am a priest. It is cool. However, I still believe that he will not be as awesome as Anderson.

In reality those two characters are the only characters worth watching: Kamina and Yoko.



  1. I had a hunch that Needless reminded me of TTGL…
    Cruz *coughshimoncough* getting called by the name of Yamada at the end of the first episode made me lol.
    Oh and the ED is what really caught my attention.

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