Posted by: Fina | July 10, 2009

Princess Lover First Impression and expectation


Uhmm… At first, I really thought that this show will have that too boring beggining that 99% of the harem anime do. Fortunately, the presentation was nowhere as that. It was really great. And the male lead does not look like the male lead that follows the harem formula. It may be such a good breather. Teppei looks awesome… And so are the female leads… And so is Norio Wakamoto.

And an answer to Charlotte, most males do love it big.

The art reminded me of Shugo Chara. Yes, Shugo Chara. One reason might be because of the production team involved. Not that it bother me. It just look like they look anorexic a little. But wait! I lasted through Code Geass’ anorexic designs so it does not matter.

And so… I’ll continue to watch it since it has a good start.

My favorite female lead currently in this show is Sylvia.



  1. Um…Lessea, wat I wanna say is…um…TO HELL WITH CHARLOTTE!!!! & ALL HAIL SYLVIA!!!

    Ugh, that’s it, here finger crossing for a Shuffle, Ichigo 100%, Kashimashi, Kimikiss, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien’s ending type ;d

  2. Wait, who’s the girl in the middle again? I have it on the tip of my tongue.

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