Posted by: Fina | July 14, 2009

Remembering old times (not really): Happy Lesson



Well, it was somewhere 2007 when I started to watch this show. To me, this was one of the very first harem show that I loved. Well, this was the very first show that pushed me into liking harem though I grew tired of it after a few months and many harem animes with no greatness. If I were to rank this show between: Cancer ,Shit, Bad, Average, Good, Great, and Godly, this would be in the level of Great. Unfortunately, there are only 3-5 animes that I really think as Godly. However, one of the characters/mama/teacher/whatever-you-call-it here named Kisaragi Ninomai belongs in my top 10 list of favorite characters… And list of top 10 waifu.

If you have not watched this show yet, go ahead and watch it. Oh yea, the main lead looks like Makoto.

Excusing myself for such a poorly constructed post. I don’t have much time and my brain is not functioning the way I wanted to.


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