Posted by: Fina | July 25, 2009

A short Hayate no Gotoku Post

Cover for 20th volume is delicious. DO WANT!

Cover for 20th volume is delicious. DO WANT!


Hata. You are awesome. Loved the 233th chapter. Athena FTW!


J.C. Staff. You are awesome for this awesome adaptation. Shimoda arc… Finished. Hurry up and take me to the Izumi arc… Or better yet, to the End of the World Arc.


Character cd 3 and 4 came out. 3 features Maria while 4 features Hayate. Go DL it now.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei:

Episode 3 final part. The part where there is a man in the beach holding a manga. That is the cover for the 18th volume of Hayate the Combat Butler. Nice one. We got Hayate the Combat Butler 2 times in 2 episodes.



  1. Manga: Chapter 233 turned out the way I predicted it. Awesome.

    Anime: The second season is currently planned to have 26 episodes (ANN states), maybe meaning no End of the World Arc =(

    Music: Hayate’s album is win. -addicted to underage-

    SZS: Hayachi no Kotogu. lol

    • And I believe that Hina’s Zettai Ryouiki grade on Volume 20’s cover deserves a grade A (or maybe B).

      • It should be S.

        • That too. But its hard to recognise when she’s sitting down…

          • It’s still S. No matter what.

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