Posted by: Fina | July 25, 2009

Lack of new material?

Booklet 01

Fortunately, I am not the only one lacking material to post… Or didn’t have any motivation to post and all. Right now, all I’m seeing are rages from the endless Endless Eight that seems to bore a lot of people now. Oh wait! Did Sankaku said that there will be no Disappearance? Sheesh. It might feel like everything I’m hearing now is full of the word “endless”.

Naruto: Endless cycle of hatred, endless gayness

Haruhi: Endless rage

School: Endless studies

Projects: Endless procrastination

Money: I wish mine was endless

Health: Endless H1N1. Yes… Still endless here.

Is it just me or am I incorporating ‘endless’ too much?

Fortunately, Hayate 17 is awesome beyond awesome.



  1. H-I-N-A! Hinagiku! Hai Hai! Endlessly awesome.

    • Yes, I forgot that. Though a new ED and OP will be coming soon if all goes well… Next OP will be sung by KOTOKO yay!

      Anyway, how do I get hosting in kokidokom?

  2. Yes, HnG 17 is awesome! I’m turning in my SOS Haruhi brigade card in, and am joining the SOS Hina brigade instead.

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