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Stawberry Milk

Posted by: Fina | July 10, 2009

ELEMENT HUNTERS = Bad science = Garbage

Unless you want to waste your time or you just feel too young at heart, then watch at your own discretion. Else, take my advice and don’t watch this thing.

The thing is, this show should offer the viewers (at the very least) some knowledge in Science (Chemistry). However, it just fails to deliver its goal. Instead it destroys a person’s IQ by giving out false information or childish stuff.

So yeah, this show does not have anything good to offer. Just learn alchemy through FMA (though they don’t really intend on teaching you).

Posted by: Fina | July 10, 2009

Needless/Needed things in Needless

Just like the title says… Just watched Needless episode one yesterday. I think that it had potential but it feels like they are trying too hard. As much as it wants to leave impact on me, it just misses to shot from the desired bullseye to 100 km away from the target range. I feel like I’ll forget this show… Much more, I should forget this show. This reminds me of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann plus the fancy fonts. And so, I’ll list the needless parts in needless.
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Princess Lover First Impression and expectation


Uhmm… At first, I really thought that this show will have that too boring beggining that 99% of the harem anime do. Fortunately, the presentation was nowhere as that. It was really great. And the male lead does not look like the male lead that follows the harem formula. It may be such a good breather. Teppei looks awesome… And so are the female leads… And so is Norio Wakamoto.

And an answer to Charlotte, most males do love it big.

The art reminded me of Shugo Chara. Yes, Shugo Chara. One reason might be because of the production team involved. Not that it bother me. It just look like they look anorexic a little. But wait! I lasted through Code Geass’ anorexic designs so it does not matter.

And so… I’ll continue to watch it since it has a good start.

My favorite female lead currently in this show is Sylvia.

Posted by: Fina | July 5, 2009

The Girl Who Leapt Through Space (END)

And so… The gem of Winter 2009 ends. (Post will contain screen shots from the last episode.

[gleam] Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 26 END [720p][x264 aac][1f3b4d37].mkv_001153861

Stunning visual

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Dear Anime/Manga related-kun (1)

To start off, I feel bored and I want to stay awake so I decided to post something. And so, I will tell all of my thoughts about some things that are anime/manga related. All of this will try to avoid spoilers so it is safe to read without getting spoiled. Of course, some might increase your expectations, some might not. But it is nice to have some metathoughts about things once in a while.


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Hatsune Miku in Tagalog?

Just awesome

Posted by: Fina | June 28, 2009

Best Anime Songs I’ve ever heard (Part 8)

After a long time of absence (not really long), I know find a good time to post this thing.


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Posted by: Fina | June 27, 2009

K-ON vs Spongebob the Movie



And so, the winner is Spongebob the movie. Not yet convinced?

Ah yes, don’t be an idiot and ask me for a much more constructive post. But just believe that Spongebob the movie is better than K-ON or believe that I think that Spongebob the movie is better than K-ON or believe both. It is all honesty that I think that way.

Posted by: Fina | June 27, 2009

Hina Carnival Part 1

Ah… At last I am temporarily free from school. My schedule is just too tight for me to post anything but now that I am free, I’ll start with the awesomeness of Yukiji Katsura singing a song from the Live 2009 Hina Festival and Carnival.

Hayate no Gotoku! - 04 - Large 26

With the Hinagiku hype nowadays… Yes, there is a Hina hype happening. It is somewhat normal for such an amazing event like this to happen. The CD is such a must-buy for me. But leaving all that aside, the song that Yukiji sang entitled¥JENNEY -Sen It’s my Soul- is such an awesome song to listen to. And it is indeed much better than the LIVE version of Cruel Angel’s Thesis in Hinagiku mode.

Oh well, I don’t have motivation to post the song or link it here through youtube etc. I’ll just link you to May or tokyotosho Thanks to LonE

And yes, Hina are is officially temporarily over with episode 13 of Hayate 2.

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